MATCH YOUR STACHE!

Be the talk of the town with these devilishly handsome Special Edition MUSTACHE INFINITY WALLETS, in colors to match your 'stache: BROWN, GREY, BLONDE, RED, BLACK. And if you don't have a 'stache, or can't grow one (that includes you ladies), these are especially for you! They're looking for a good home with someone who will love them as much as they'll love you. All 'staches need love... even these! Your pockets and purses will be tickled.


                                  Brown Mustache Infinity Wallet

                                  Grey Mustache Infinity Wallet

                                  Blonde Mustache Infinity Wallet

                                  Red Mustache Infinity Wallet

                                  Black Mustache Infinity Wallet

                     THEY MAKE A GREAT GIFT

MUSTACHE INFINITY WALLETS make a great alternative to your old boring wallet and can spice up the conversation. They also make great gifts! So pick one up today (or three). After all, everyone's got that one friend with the glorious 'stache! What better gift could a person give to show a little upper lip appreciation? We can't think of any.


                                  5 Mustache Infinity Wallets laid out on a rock with autumn leaves all around

                                  Hand holding up all 5 Mustache Infinity Wallets spread out like a fan with blue sky and clouds in the background